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Restaurant, London


Bloomberg HQ, London

Completion Date

November 2017

Size of Project

150* sqm

Scope of works

Design, Landlord liaising and Delivery

(Interior, Architecture, Graphics)

Our client

Between 2016 and 2022, we collaborated with Bleecker's founder Zan Kaufman on multiple pop ups and interior fit outs, advised on potential new locations, and provided support on branding, graphics and website.

When Bloomberg’s Chief food critic Richard Vines in consultation with fellow critic Nicholas Lander curated the new Bloomberg HQ's restaurant line up and Bleecker was selected, our clients knew they wanted us to design a restaurant which would embrace the opportunity of being part of the most sustainable office building in town while reflecting their roots.

Bleecker founder Zan Kaufman with NYC Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg Photo by Bleecker 

© atelier EURA

Working at Bloomberg's HQ

With a very positive use of the often overlooked Ground Floor, the development did not only recuperated a historical route and some of the most exciting Roman ruins in recent years but also curate a crowd-drawing line up for its Food Arcade which has consolidated as a destination.


The high quality of every detail, preserved through the collaboration between the architects at Fosters, the crafts people and contractors is palpable and the Bloomberg team did a fantastic job at remaining involved in every aspect and motivating all involved.

Photos by Morley von Sternberg

© atelier EURA

The design

Bleecker arrived to the London Street-food scene in a Food truck and has remained informal and produce focused throughout its growth. With this in mind,  there were several targets we wanted to achieve:


  1. Bringing London and New York (the founder's hometown) together 

  2. Creating a set up that would mimic the Bleecker's pop ups

  3. Embracing the opportunity and create the most beautiful accessible wc in town.

  4. Integrating Signage and Branding in the design 


The layout was quickly determined by the kitchen flow and service but in order to decide the finishes, we embraced the opportunity to explore New York City in search of a language which could bring the concept together. Borrowing from London and NYC's iconic undergrounds, and working closely with our suppliers, we were able to devise a strategy that connected familiar images without having to result to being literal.

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