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across London, since 2015

Design by © atelier EURA  for Shunji

From crafting a compelling identity to shaping inspiring and functional interiors, Atelier EURA's holistic approach will strengthen your business identity making it recognisable and setting you apart from the competition. Additionally, our designs optimize workflow for your team and create a lasting impression on your customers.

Our expertise extends beyond aesthetics. We have a keen eye for evaluating properties based on your specific business needs. We also facilitate seamless communication with landlords, ensuring a smooth project flow from conception to execution.

design by © atelier EURA for La gamba


In addition to traditional Architectural and Interior services, we can provide stand alone services tailored to suit the needs of your project. Here are some examples 




Consolidate your image and deliver a seamless customer experience.

This package helps you define your brand's unique voice and develop a design strategy that bridges the gap between your physical and digital presence.

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Optimize your space for a seamless customer experience.


This package helps you plan your business expansion by gaining an understanding of the spatial needs of your business activities and customers. The result will be a design strategy to empower your team to excel.

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Make informed decisions with a clear picture of the potential within your lease space.

This package helps you assess if a commercial space aligns with your business needs, preventing costly surprises down the line.

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Typically we get involved from conception to completion and provide design services that include architecture, interior and graphic services. The list below reflect this. We might however be able to discuss other arrangements, for example, incorporating some of the work within stand alone packages in our appointment. Do reach out to discuss



Strategic Design 


Architectural design + Interiors (Kitchen strategy, bathrooms, built in furniture and joinery) 


Architectural Design + Interior Design + graphics



Scope will be adapted to the project needs.. 


Documentation and liaising with Building Control 


Design and Technical discussions with Landlord on your behalf



Preparation of information, answering questions and commenting on tender returns


Project visits, technical input and support to contractor and team, 


Record documentation 


If you are ready to move forward, do let us know and we will arrange a call aimed at understanding your needs and expectations,

Then we will prepare a scope of works and a fee proposal to reflect our discussion and we will send it to you to review in your own time. After the scope is finalised and we are appointed, we start working in your project


The Preliminary Design Analysis Stage (also known as Feasibility) is aimed at testing the vision of the client and to reflect any findings in the Project's Client Brief .

The feasibility stage is a very important part of the project where we can add a lot of value to your business by undertaking an appraisal to assess strategic options against the feasibility of the project. We will also identify the types of risks that may impact your decision making enabling you to decide what the best way forward is.

In the commercial projects where we are appointed, the Client's Brief document would include among others the Workflow and Infrastructure assessment to ensure the project has a strong foundation and the outcome will support the existing business functions.

What stage: Feasibility, RIBA Stages O and 1

Who will be involved? atelier EURA and  our client

Planning: Specially useful when working in listed buildings. Pre-application advice: 4/5 weeks (optional) 

Design by © atelier EURA


Using the information emerging from the feasibility stage, we will prepare the Outline/Concept layout to adapt the space available to your business needs. Once this is signed off by you, we will brief other consultants such as structural or mechanical engineers and incorporate their input into general design strategy.


We know how important avoiding business disruption is for you and planning ahead with those specialists will facilitate t he maintenance of your premises beyond completion in order to pre-empt anything that could impact you continuous trade. Once the general principles are stablished, we we will develop the interior design as well as the detail architectural design inhouse. 

Should we need to apply for planning/listed building consent or get a landlord sign off, we will prepare the relevant design documentation to submit.

What stage: Design, RIBA Stages 2,3

Who will be involved: atelier EURA , the design team & our client. 

Planning: 8 to 12 weeks*

Freeholder: Typically, 8 weeks**

design by © atelier EURA for bleecker


We are aware that not everyone is trained to understand two dimensional drawings and hence, as part of Atelier EURA's design process, we work on computer generated models that enable us to discuss with our clients any decisions that need to be made overcoming any communication challenges presented by two dimensional images. 

In commercial projects, where decision making needs to be faster, we often create sketch videos to help visualise the relationship of key zones to ensure the resulting workflow is understood and agreed by everyone in the client side.  We also find this helpful to explain the design to landlords.

Design by © atelier EURA for la gamba
Design by © atelier EURA  for shunji

The planning process varies depending on the project requirements and context. Furthermore, because the planning system is an evolving framework it can be  daunting. Planning, however, is often a necessary step and the risk of enforcement due to non compliance should not be ignored.

Typically, the project's specific requirements will be highlighted at the feasibility stage, this said, in commercial projects, we are often appointed to consult through the property search stages in order to help identify properties without onerous restrictions.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Pre application discussions

  • Change of use

  • Full planning applications

  • Advertisement applications

  • Listed Building Consents

What stage: Several stages

Who will be involved: atelier EURA, the design team & our client


With a detailed design signed off, we will lead the design team to prepare the technical documents to be used in order to discharge Building Control and Landlord obligations as required. The documents will also serve to inform the tender process.

You will find that many designers choose not to detail built in furniture and other fixtures and fittings as part of the technical packages and they do so after the contractor has been appointed . In our experience providing limited information at tender stage can lead to delays in the signing off process but also result in incomplete tender returns at the next stage and even delays through the delivery stages while design is being developed. 

What stage: Technical Drawings, RIBA Stage 4

Who will be involved: atelier EURA, the design team

Building control draft: 3 weeks

Planning conditions: technical responses 8 to 12 weeks 

Design by © atelier EURA
Design by © atelier EURA


We (with the design team) will prepare the tender documentation on your behalf, for you to send to your contractor shortlist in order to get your prices and we will help you compare them in order for you to select which is the best option.


​As we mentioned above, in order for you to be able to receive tenders that are comparable,, it is important that the tender information is detailed. Not only contractors will be able to cost the job properly but will not need to add additional risks to their contingency due to lack of clarity

Furthermore, a detailed set of documents will give you, as the client, certainty on what you will be expecting to see.

What stage: Tender, Contractor selection process

Who will be involved: our client, Atelier EURA, design team & contractors

Tender: Allow 4 weeks for pricing

During construction, the contractor builds and we oversee while providing answers when unexpected issues emerge. {Specialist input from the design team might also be required.)​ In commercial projects, clients often employ a project manager to administer the contract and be on site multiple times a week.  

What stage: Construction, RIBA Stage 5

Who will be involved: our client, Atelier EURA & contractor

Building control runs inspections and checks works.

Building control sign-off on completion


Every project is different because so is every client

The images below reflect a varied range of projects. and locations. 


We cannot create case studies for all our projects but we can share with you photos.

Build Architecture Award to atelier EURA


BUILD Architecture Awards 2019

Best Retail & Hospitality Fit-Outs Design Practice, London

Best Integrated Commercial Design Package: Shunji London


Whom you may have heard from.


Since 2018

After two years working together, indirectly, in 2018 we were approached by the Southbank  Centre to design their summer pop up under the Hungerford Bridge and have since continued to collaborate in multiple projects.


Between 2016 and 2022

Founder and owner Zan Kaufman approached us to assist with all design matters in 2016. Between 2016 and 2022, we collaborated on multiple pop ups and interior fit outs, advised on potential new locations, and provided support on branding, graphics and website.


Since 2018

Head stylist Shunji was looking to open his own studio when he approached us to assist his search for  premises. Since, we took over all design matters designing both their online and offline presence.. 


2022 to 2023

Applebee's Fish is a family-owned fish and seafood restaurant with a focus on locally sourced sustainable produce.. After years of trading both from Borough Market and multiple Pop-ups across London, they came to us to design and deliver a contemporary Spanish tapas at the Southbank Centre,.


2018 to 2020

Kevin and Jodie Potter opened their first nursery when they could not find one that suited the needs and expectations they had when their twin daughters were born. A few years later, when they looked to open a new nursery in Reigate, they came to us to help with the desIgn.



Formerly known as BoulePark, Jack and Boule (now Boulebar) was founded by Alec Feakes, Oliver Rudge and Richard Willing, three fanatics of the game of boule whose aim is to make Urban Boules accessible to everyone. They approached Atelier EURA to design what was meant to be their summer pop up 2023 and then for the winterisation of the space.


Boulebar (former Jack and Boule)

Southbank now has an urban boules bar  LINK

Introducing Jack & boule LINK

Time and leisure review LINK

The ultimate 13 Christmas team activity venues in London LINK

Boulebar LINK

Have a boule this Christmas at Jack and Boule in SOuthbank LINK

Enjoy urban boules, street food and classic cocktails at this open-air petanque club LINK

Design by © atelier EURA for boulebar
Design by © atelier EURA  for la gamba

La Gamba

Perfect tapas restaurant in Southbank Centre LINK

La Gamba restaurant at the Southbank LINK

Galician Wonderland LINK

Galician La Gamba opens soon in Southbank LINK

Applebee brothers to open La Gamba in London's Southbank LINK

Applebee brothers to launch Southbank tapas restaurant LINK

Jay Rayner review LINK


Our goal is to not only materialise your ideas but to exceed your expectations drawing form our experience.

When you are ready 

© Morley von Sternberg
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