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Hair salon, London


Covent Garden, London

Completion Date

March 2019

Size of Project

100* sqm

Scope of works

Design and Delivery

(Interior, Architecture, joinery)

Our Client

With over twenty years experience in the industry, Japan trained Shunji worked eight years in one of Tokyo's most prestigious hair salons before arriving to London as part of his former studio's international team.


He has since been based in Mayfair where he has built a clientele which includes celebrities and has been part of TV commercials and editorial work.


In 2018, when he decided to open his own studio, Shunji  approached us to assist his search for  premises and take over all design matters.


The strategy

The services provided by Shunji and his team are customer-centric and bespoke and hence it made sense that this would be reflected also in the design. 

From the reception desk and backdrop which doubles as partition and storage, to the coat hangers made out of copper pipes or the shelves supported by scaffolding brackets, everyday construction materials were used to create a sense of uniqueness.


Soft off white tones , combined with textures and accents in copper and brass create a calm backdrop to this creative studio and contrast with its grey exterior, emphasised to highlight its context and make the business stand out in a rather busy street.

The hand painted signage by Robin Signs added the final touch and a softness the client was after.

Shunji London k.jpg
Shunji London g.jpg


The client came to us with a clear sense of the kind of brand they wanted to create and hence our worked focused on giving shape to their vision.


In the design of both the logo and the website, we listened to them and focused our attention on achieving  clarity: clarity of the brand, the domain, copyright and the website.

This was recognised by the Build Architecture Awards in 2019, when we were awarded the Best Integrated Commercial Design Package.

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Screenshot-2018-3-27 Shunji, London(1).png
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